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Bitcoin Hits $6 Open protocols can help reform the financial system, says our columnist. But they need to come with safeguards consumers. The Facts A head-on collision resulted in at least one fatality and at least one person being transported by medical helicopter, causing a traffic diversion Monday afternoon, according to law enforcement. As coronavirus cases skyrocket in

Rayshard Brooks didn’t hide his history. About five months before he was killed by Atlanta police in a Wendy’s parking lot —.

On New Year’s Day, 1722, French philosopher Voltaire’s father, François Arouet, died. Although his testament equally divided.

The Face Behind Bitcoin Good morning and welcome to Marketing Week’s round-up of the news that matters in the marketing world for the week of 15 June. Motherboard investigated the ways people download subscriber-only content in bulk and repost it for free or for profit around. The man that ran multiple websites that allowed users to advertise adult services