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QuadrigaCX – believed to be Canada's largest bitcoin exchange. Currently in bankruptcy. Hundreds of millions of dollars, the life savings and hard work of thousands of Canadians, are missing. Join our community to share stories, meet other affected users, get help with claim filing, or receive updates. Created Feb 10, 2014. r/QuadrigaCX Rules.

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Toronto-based cryptocurrency exchange teams up with a local security firm to offer full security against “the unthinkable”.

Bitcoin Popsockets Designs 08/01/2019 · OtterBox announced at CES 2019 today that it is partnering with PopSockets on a case designed specifically with PopGrips in mind. PopSockets are the incredibly popular plastic circles that people are attaching to the back of their iPhones. The new “Otter + Pop” case from OtterBox + PopSockets aims to fix a few

Insured custody provider Knox and Canadian cryptocurrency exchange Bitbuy have partnered to offer a third-party storage.

QuadrigaCX: What The Heck Happened?? Backstory & MoreSurprise! The craziest crypto-related story of 2019 has just become a tad zanier. According to a research piece from a leading industry researcher, QuadrigaCX, a Canadian Bitcoin (BTC) exchange in the midst of a multi-month imbroglio, could have been fibbing about its cryptocurrency holdings — and by a large sum at that.

Eventually, he decided on QuadrigaCX, as the exchange not only had a 10% risk premium (red flag), but the ability for Tong to make investments that could make his savings appreciate too. Emotionally, the former BitTorrent developer thrust his money onto the exchange, which he now acknowledges as a “Ponzi scheme,” in hopes of making money due to QuadrigaCX’s premium.